As part of the Fort Collins roofing community, we aim to rise above by maintaining our core values of trustworthiness, honesty and respect. When we do roof replacement in Northern Colorado, we level with our customers. We treat you the way we want to be treated, and we’re transparent about the work that needs to be done.

Here’s what you need to know:

Beware of contracts before the “free” inspection. Door-to-door roof inspectors (“door knockers”) will offer a free inspection for roof replacement in Fort Collins, provided you sign an “authorization” for them to get on the roof. This authorization may actually be a contract, allowing the inspector to act on your behalf with your insurance company, which then leads to a host of other problems—including dishonest estimates and an unnecessary claim on your insurance record. Don’t let a “door knocker” trick you; call a reputable Fort Collins roofing company and get an honest inspection.

Blank contract = blank check. A “blank contract” keeps the details of repair materials and final costs exceptionally vague, allowing a roofing company to maximize their payment, minimize their cost, and make an even bigger profit. Just like you would with any other large purchase, do your research! Get a written estimate with multiple options and their specific costs.

Get C.L.U.E.D. in. Much like credit card companies score credit, insurance companies score your claim history using the Comprehensive Loan Underwriting Exchange. (C.L.U.E.) Allowing a “door knocker” to file a claim or to request a roof inspection can adversely affect your score, so to protect yourself.

Hiring a reputable Fort Collins roofing company to complete the inspection is always your best bet.