30 year vs 50 year shingles

The 30 Year vs. 50 Year Difference

In Fort Collins Roofing by Bethany

When it’s time for a new roof it’s an investment you don’t want to make without careful thought and planning. You may be asking, “Should I upgrade from a 30 Year shingle to a 50 Year shingle? What’s the difference?” Most manufacturers’ have upgraded their warranties to a “Limited Lifetime Warranty” for all their architectural shingles. At first glance, you may notice a 30 Year and a 50 Year shingle will both have a “Limited Lifetime Warranty.” However, there is a small catch. The 30 Year shingles are still constructed as a 30 Year shingle at the manufacturing plant. This means the manufacturer will cover any defects, but they will not cover normal wear and tear for the roof’s lifetime. The advantage of a 50 Year shingle is that a 50 Year is truly manufactured with upgraded materials. A 50 Year roof is more resistant to wind, wear & tear, and in many cases hail. A 50 Year certainly has its advantages if you live in Fort Collins or the Colorado area where wind and hail are yearly concerns. If you select a 50 Year product you may even receive a premium discount on your insurance policy every year!  When choosing roofing products look carefully into the “Lifetime” warranties. Not all shingles are created equal and if you have questions call our office and we’d be happy to help! Keep in mind, at Highroad Roofing we offer FREE inspections. Our Roofing Specialists will arrive at your home on time and will do a thorough roof analysis for you. From there, we will provide you with some of the best options available to you in the roofing market and cover any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!