Repair versus Replacement – Fort Collins Roofing Analysis

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Should you repair or replace your roof? Are those missing shingles on your roof a simple repair or is it indicating there’s a bigger problem underneath? Highroad Roofing’s Consultants can make a simple visit to your home and within 60 to 90 minutes perform a thorough and free analysis of your roof. The integrity of your roof may still be intact and we can make repairs to increase your roof’s lifespan. A minor problem can quickly turn into a major monster. roof replacement fort collinsIf you have a small water leak or a few missing shingles, or perhaps have noticed moisture in your attic, call today and schedule a free roof analysis. A short example of taking care of those roof repairs: A few shingles are missing from your roof. This exposes the roof underlayment. While exposed felt won’t cause internal damage immediately, left unattended it will compromise your roof. Long term exposure could lead to a larger shingle or underlayment repair or even the replacement of the decking which is the core roof structure.

As your Fort Collins Roofer, we take care of our homeowners. Our Roofing Consultants will describe exactly what they have found and the best options in repairing your roof. We will schedule you quickly and introduce you to our trained technicians who will repair your roof using the highest standards of workmanship.  Replacement may be in order. But rest assured, your preferred Fort Collins Roofer will explore the best and most cost effective options while still insuring your roof will Protect What’s Priceless for you and your family.

Don’t wait for your repair to turn into a replacement call Highroad Roofing, your Fort Collins Roofer, today!