Insurance Claims in Fort Collins

Did you know insurance companies subtract a “depreciation” value from the money you could’ve received for repairs on your roof, and in most cases, you’re entitled to that money? We make sure you recoup what your roof is actually worth.

Did you know you can only file a claim ONE year after the date of damage?

When there is a disaster or serious weather event, most insurance companies won’t let you file a claim unless you’ve had an inspection by a roofing specialist.

Did you know insurance companies will only replace “like for like”, but often times the city code has changed? We make sure you get the upgrades you need from insurance to be code compliant without extra cash coming out of your pocket.

Did you know our services agreements are ALWAYS at or below insurance?

Your only out-of-pocket investment is your deductible.

Those are just a few of the little-known facts that homeowners encounter when filing an insurance claim. Because it’s something that most people only deal with once in a blue moon, it can be a daunting task.

Imagine you’re on vacation in a foreign country taking a leisurely walk with your family, your son runs ahead and ducks under through a hole in a fence. You call to him in desperation as you frantically read a sign that says, “Danger. Do Not Enter. Mine Field.” In a panic you tell him NOT to move a muscle; he’s in the middle of a mine field. While your child begins to cry, you realize that you’re in over your head. In that moment, would you rather have a map showing where the mines are buried or would you rather have one of the locals who walks through that field every day take you by the hand and show you exactly where to step and where not to step? Most people would choose the personal guide every time.

That’s what it can be like to work with the insurance companies. Let’s face it, they’re not on your side when it comes to paying claims. Highroad Roofing has worked with many insurance companies over the years and we know the ins and outs of their processes. Working with a company that can guide you through that mind field can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Let’s see if we might be able to reduce your stress and guide you through the scary world of insurance.

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