The High Road Difference

Highroad Roofing, formerly Stockton Roofing, is built around what we can do differently than other roofing companies in Fort Collins. This difference isn’t in how a roof is made or what materials we use, it’s about how we interact with your life.

3 Day Turnaround

We do everything in our power to finish our jobs quickly so you can get on with your life. But don’t let our 3-day turnaround fool you. We’re constantly looking at every detail. We work quickly and efficiently, but without cutting corners. Our roofing crews are able to get work done quickly because they take the time up front to plan.

Safety First

Because your family’s safety is our priority, we perform background checks on all of our crew members prior to hiring them. It’s just as important to us as it is to you that we send respectable, trustworthy people to work on your home. When they arrive, they’ll introduce themselves before getting to work so you don’t feel that there’s a team of strangers working on your house for three days.

Caring & Courteous

The idea of chivalry is alive and well at Highroad Roofing. Our crews aren’t just a group of men that have no idea how to be respectful and honorable; these individuals know what’s right and wrong, and know how to be polite. They know they’re interrupting your life, so every move they make has to be made with you in mind.

360 Site Process

It’s important to take into consideration not only how your new roof will affect your home, but also how it affects your schedule, your kids, and even down to things like your landscaping and the mess that a new roof can make in your yard and your driveway. Even the noise we make can affect your neighbors, so we think about that too. We don’t just take the old roof off and put a new one on. We’re working hard to bring something new to your home to leave it better and safer than it was when we arrived.

More than just a roof….